How can a 401k help a Small Business owner?

Small Business owner’s often avoid 401k Plan’s due the expense and complexity. In this TTG Update we discuss steps a small business owner can take to determine whether or not a 401k makes economic sense for them.

The Fiduciary Difference

TTG Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor, a Fiduciary.  Taking on fiduciary responsibility is the highest legal duty from one party to another.  As such, you are bound ethically and legally to always act in the best interest of your clients.  With all other advisor classes, although they may be very reputable, it is “Buyer Beware”.

Our primary focus is on generating above average, risk adjusted market returns, with considerable expertise in Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and 401K Administration; We consult and advise on any and all financial and investment topics. We sell no products such as Insurance or Annuities, and are Fee Only, so we do better when you do better.

Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Current Market Place

An old concept, the CAPM, may be helpful in explaining current market conditions. In this TTG update we discuss how low risk free rates help to inflate the prices of risky assets.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Attempted humor in the dry world of investing and financial planning.