TTG Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor, a Fiduciary. Taking on fiduciary responsibility is the highest legal duty from one party to another. As such, a RIA is bound ethically and legally to always act in the best interest of your clients. But, with all other advisor classes, although they may be very reputable, it is “Buyer Beware.”

Our primary focus is on generating above average, risk adjusted market returns. In addition, we consult and advise on any and all financial and investment topics with considerable expertise in Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and 401K Administration. Therefore, we sell no products such as Insurance or Annuities, and are Fee Only, so we do better when you do better.

We have a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Register Financial Consultant (RFC) and Qualified Pension & 401K Administrator (QPA, QKA) on staff working WITH you and FOR you to achieve your goals. There is no cookie cutter approach. Every client’s needs are unique.

Located in Canton, Ohio, and servicing clients nationally and locally in North Canton, Uniontown, Massillon, Louisville, Canal Fulton, Stark County, Summit County, and Northeast Ohio.

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