Divorce Financial Analysis

Why do I need a Financial Advisor who Specializes in Divorce Financial Analysis?

When a marriage has started to fall apart either a decision is made to mend the fences and rebuild trust, or if that should fail, then one or both parties seek a divorce. The decision is not easy for good reason. It is often traumatic, and not just for the two parties involved, it also effects children, family and friends.

Additionally, the potential for financial pitfalls is ever-present, particularly when one spouse is less financially sophisticated than the other. In these cases, a Financial Advisor familiar with the financial intricacies of Divorce can be extremely helpful in leveling the playing field. This would include identifying and measuring marital assets as well for planning for your post-Divorce financial future.

Divorce Financial Analysis means we work with and alongside your attorney, providing highly specialized insights into the world of finance and financial planning. We do not provide legal advice, but do provide analysis that will take complex financial matters and distill them down to easy-to-understand everyday terms.

What are some of the questions that a Financial Advisor can help answer?

  1. What information should I be asking my spouse for?
  2. What is the value of all retirement plans?
  3. Is the marital home an asset worth having?
  4. What are the tax implications of each and every decision?
  5. What is the best way to divide debt?
  6. How do I prepare a post-divorce financial plan?
  7. And most importantly, what will my financial life look like after the divorce is finalized?
Divorce Financial Analysis