TTG Weekly Update 12-1-2023

Jim discusses market support and resistance, earnings, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 11-17-2023

Jim gives an inflation update and discusses a fixed income strategy.

TTG Weekly Update 11-10-2023

Morgan reviews not only a recent chart of the S&P 500, but also the period surrounding the tech bubble.

TTG Weekly Update 11-3-2023

Jim K discusses the Fed meeting and stocks versus bonds.

TTG Weekly Update 10-27-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss recent events, the inverted yield curve, and earnings season.

TTG Weekly Update 10-20-2023

Jim reiterates the importance of protecting your personal information, and discusses a strategy we are using in your portfolio, to maintain elevated income levels.

TTG Weekly Update 10-13-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the positive and negative conditions facing today’s market, and some equity positions that we are interested in adding.

TTG Weekly Update 10-06-2023

Morgan reviews the third quarter, and discusses a strategy that will be used moving forward.

TTG Weekly Update 9-29-2023

Jim K analyzes the S&P 500 chart, and discusses market outlook.

TTG Weekly Update 9-22-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed’s expectations for interest rates in the coming years, and market returns following peak rates.

TTG Weekly Update 9-15-2023

Morgan discusses the facts, market opinions, and TTG’s opinions.

TTG Weekly Update 9-8-2023

Jim E discusses Artificial Intelligence and a recent sale in many of your portfolios.

TTG Weekly Update 9-1-2023

Jim K reviews recent economic data, some of which could be Recession warning signs.

TTG Weekly Update 8-25-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss an options strategy and why call protection will become important moving forward.

TTG Weekly Update 8-18-2023

Jim and Morgan take a look at a S&P 500 chart and remind you to stay diligent in protecting your personal information.

TTG Update 8-11-2023

Jim E discusses inflation, earnings and some interesting history regarding the Fed.

TTG Weekly Update 8-4-2023

Jim discusses Fitch’s downgrade of US Debt, and the most anticipated recession in US History.

TTG Weekly Update 7-28-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss earnings season, the growing federal interest expense, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 7-21-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the S&P rally, equal-weighted S&P, and some hurdles that we’d like to see put behind us, before being convinced that this rally will be sustained.

TTG Weekly Update 7-14-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the low-volume market rally and recent inflation data.

TTG Weekly Update 7-7-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the bifurcation of opinion, and how any economic news can be portrayed to be “bad news” if desired.

TTG Weekly Update 6-30-2023

Morgan discusses the second quarter and recent economic data.

TTG Weekly Update 6-23-2023

Jim discusses the Equal-Weighted S&P 500 Index and the NAHB Housing Index.

TTG Weekly Update 6-16-2023

Jim K discusses the Fed meeting and offers a reminder to guard your personal information, through an example of an Artificial Intelligence scam.

TTG Weekly Update 6-9-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss the bull market and recent earnings history.

TTG Weekly Update 6-2-2023

Jim K and Morgan discuss the upcoming Fed meeting, recession expectations, and Chicago PMI.

TTG Weekly Update 5-26-2023

Jim discusses the Debt Ceiling, small businesses, and how your portfolio has benefited from higher rates.

TTG Weekly Update 5-19-2023

Jim K discusses the Debt Ceiling Crisis and a sophisticated scam that you should be aware of.

TTG Weekly Update 5-12-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the inflation report and first quarter earnings.

TTG Weekly Update 5-5-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the Jobs Report and the recent Federal Reserve meeting.

TTG Weekly Update 4-28-2023

Jim discusses first quarter earnings, the current market trend, and the US Dollar as a reserve currency.

TTG Weekly Update 4-21-2023

Jim discusses the volatile, low volume market and the shifting recession expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 4-14-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss inflation data and how your risk profile helps us position your portfolios in times like this.

TTG Weekly Update 4-6-2023

Morgan reviews the first quarter of 2023, and discusses the recent employment data.

TTG Weekly Update 3-31-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the SVB testimonies before Congress, and give an update on the technical side of the market.

TTG Weekly Update 3-24-2023

Jim and Jim discuss what The Fed had to say this week, and the extra protection that Charles Schwab is providing for their account holders.

TTG Weekly Update 3-17-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the market disruptions that occurred this week, and how the expectations for Fed action have shifted.

TTG Weekly Update 3-10-2023

Jim K reviews the Inverted Yield Curve and discusses what will be needed for the support at 3800 to stay in tact.

TTG Weekly Update 3-3-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss earnings and risk premium vs. treasury yields.

TTG Weekly Update 2-24-2023

Morgan discusses the next Fed meeting and takes a look at the inverted yield curve.

TTG Weekly Update 2-17-2023

Jim E discusses disinflation and the recent CPI report that is causing market concern this week.

TTG Weekly Update 2-10-2023

Jim K discusses the market’s trend line and how Fed actions may either change or confirm its path.

TTG Weekly Update 2-3-2023

The Jims discuss the divergence between Fed statements and Market expectations, and the debt ceiling.

TTG Weekly Update 1-27-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss technical indicators and corporate and muni debt issuance.

TTG Weekly Update 1-20-2023

Jim discusses earnings reports, the bounce we’ve seen in fixed income, and a recent addition to most portfolios.

TTG Weekly Update 1-13-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss market assumptions and several market reports.

TTG Weekly Update 1-6-2022

Morgan discusses Q4 2022 and looks ahead to 2023.

TTG Weekly Update 12-30-2022

Jim K looks back at 2022 and looks ahead at 2023.

TTG Weekly Update 12-23-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss market support/resistance, bond returns, and recent transactions in many of your accounts.

TTG Weekly Update 12-16-2022

Jim K discusses the recent Fed action and market news, and the reaction from the market.

TTG Weekly Update 12-9-2022

Jim E discusses market returns following earnings troughs and today’s inflation reading.

TTG Weekly Update 12-2-2022

Jim and Jim discuss corporate earnings and the key factors that have driven the market in the past week.

TTG Weekly Update 11-25-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a support/resistance line to watch and the possibility of a ‘Santa Claus Rally’.

TTG Weekly Update 11-18-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a Crypto Exchange filing for bankruptcy and the recent Fedspeak heard by the market.

TTG Weekly Update 11-11-2022

Jim E discusses the most recent inflation reading and the importance of earnings in the long-term return of the market.

TTG Weekly Update 11-4-2022

Jim K discusses recent Fed action and comments, market sentiment, and preparing for a market bottom in the coming months.

TTG Weekly Update 10-28-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the market ‘tug-of-war’ and a recent purchase.

TTG Weekly Update 10-21-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss third quarter earnings and the factors that drive the market under normal conditions.

TTG Weekly Update 10-14-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the volatile market, recent bond additions, and expectations for the upcoming Fed meeting.

TTG Weekly Update 10-7-2022

Morgan discusses the third quarter and the strategies being used in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 9-30-2022

Jim and Jim discuss discuss credit spreads and how the price of a bond is affected by changing interest rates.

TTG Weekly Update 9-23-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss what is known and unknown in this bear market. They also highlight 3 purchases that were made this week.

TTG Weekly Update 9-16-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss the CPI report and reasons to be optimistic as a long-term investor.

TTG Weekly Update 9-9-2022

Jim K discusses the positive week in the market and the remarks of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

TTG Weekly Update 9-2-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss how bonds have performed in the past week, and highlight a couple of bonds purchased this week.

TTG Weekly Update 8-26-2022

In this week’s update, Jim discusses the market movement and rate expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 8-19-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the 200-Day Moving Average, and where much of the market volume is coming from.

TTG Weekly Update 8-12-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed, oil prices, support/resistance lines, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 8-5-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the yield curve, jobs report, and a recent purchase.

TTG Weekly Update 7-29-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the Fed meeting, GDP report, and TTG’s strategy in the coming weeks.

TTG Weekly Update 7-22-2022

Jim E discusses market conditions and a portfolio transaction.

TTG Weekly Update 7-15-2022

The Jim’s discuss current market conditions and increasing portfolio income.

TTG Weekly Update 7-8-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss the Jobs Report, the 10-year US Treasury Rate, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 7-1-2022

Morgan discusses the events of the past quarter including interest rate increases, bear market rallies, and falling consumer confidence.

TTG Weekly Update 6-24-2022

Jim and Jim discuss market support and resistance levels, and the 10-year Treasury Yield.

TTG Weekly Update 6-17-2022

Jim K and Morgan talk about the negatives and positives of the market, and the important role of bonds in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 6-10-2022

Jim E discusses inflation and the current trend in the market.

TTG Weekly Update 6-3-2022

Jim K discusses market sentiment and some market leaders’ expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 5-27-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a recent add to many of your portfolios, and the risk of gambling in the market.

TTG Weekly Update 5-20-2022

Morgan discusses retail earnings results and TTG’s position as investors, not traders.

TTG Weekly Update 5-13-2022

Jim discusses some of the characteristics of a bear market and TTG’s keys for success.

TTG Weekly Update 5-6-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the market’s reaction to another interest rate increase.

TTG Weekly Update 4-29-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the volatility and the buying opportunities it creates.

TTG Weekly Update 4-22-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss the volatile week in the market.