TTG Update

TTG Weekly Update 9-23-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss what is known and unknown in this bear market. They also highlight 3 purchases that were made this week.

TTG Weekly Update 9-16-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss the CPI report and reasons to be optimistic as a long-term investor.

TTG Weekly Update 9-9-2022

Jim K discusses the positive week in the market and the remarks of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

TTG Weekly Update 9-2-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss how bonds have performed in the past week, and highlight a couple of bonds purchased this week.

TTG Weekly Update 8-26-2022

In this week’s update, Jim discusses the market movement and rate expectations

TTG Weekly Update 8-19-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the 200-Day Moving Average, and where much of the market volume is coming from.

TTG Weekly Update 8-12-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed, oil prices, support/resistance lines, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 8-5-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the yield curve, jobs report, and a recent purchase.

TTG Weekly Update 7-29-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the Fed meeting, GDP report, and TTG’s strategy in the coming weeks.

TTG Weekly Update 7-22-2022

Jim E discusses market conditions and a portfolio transaction.

TTG Weekly Update 7-15-2022

The Jim’s discuss current market conditions and increasing portfolio income.

TTG Weekly Update 7-8-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss the Jobs Report, the 10-year US Treasury Rate, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 7-1-2022

Morgan discusses the events of the past quarter including interest rate increases, bear market rallies, and falling consumer confidence.

TTG Weekly Update 6-24-2022

Jim and Jim discuss market support and resistance levels, and the 10-year Treasury Yield.

TTG Weekly Update 6-17-2022

Jim K and Morgan talk about the negatives and positives of the market, and the important role of bonds in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 6-10-2022

Jim E discusses inflation and the current market trend.

TTG Weekly Update 6-3-2022

Jim K discusses market sentiment and some market leaders’ expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 5-27-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a recent add to many of your portfolios, and the risk of gambling in the market.

TTG Weekly Update 5-20-2022

Morgan discusses retail earnings results and TTG’s position as investors, not traders.

TTG Weekly Update 5-13-2022

Jim discusses some of the characteristics of a bear market and TTG’s keys for success.

TTG Weekly Update 5-6-2022

Jim & Jim discuss the markets reaction to another interest rate increase.

TTG Weekly Update 4-29-2022

TTG Weekly Update April 22, 2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss the volatility and the buying opportunities it creates.

Jim K and Morgan discuss this week in the marketplace.

TTG Weekly Update April 14, 2022

TTG Weekly Update April 8, 2022

The Jim’s discuss the market place and some recent additions to client portfolios.

Jim K discusses how Fed comments and world news are affecting the market, particularly bond prices.

TTG Weekly Update April 1, 2022: Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia

TTG Weekly Update March 25, 2022

JE discusses Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia and the marketplace.

Morgan discusses things to like — and not like about the current market.

TTG Weekly Update: The Fed and Inflation

TTG Weekly Update:Oil and the Fed

Jim K discusses the Federal Reserve and Inflation.

The Jim’s discuss Oil, the Fed and this week in the market.


Ukraine II

The Jim’s discuss the situation in the Ukraine and it’s affect on the market

The Jim’s Discuss the Ukraine War and the Federal Reserve and their affects on the market.