TTG Weekly Updates

TTG Weekly Update 6-21-2024

TTG Weekly Update 6-14-2024

The FED, Jerome Powell and Muhammad Ali

TTG Weekly Update 6-7-2024

Jim E discusses Bonds and Convexity.

TTG Weekly Update 5-31-2024

Jim and Morgan discuss consumer confidence, inflation, and the effect that rate cuts will have on fixed income in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 5-24-2024

Jim and Morgan talk about rate cut expectations and market performance.

TTG Weekly Update 5-17-2024

Jim discusses what we know, and what we don’t know.

TTG Weekly Update 5-10-2024

Jim discusses consumer sentiment and deep fakes.

TTG Weekly Update 5-3-2024

Jim and Morgan discuss economic indicators and the market’s reaction to comments from the Federal Reserve.

TTG Weekly Update 4-26-2024

Jim discusses some exciting housekeeping updates.

TTG Weekly Update 4-19-2024

Jim discusses the interest rates, and how changes in interest rates affect your holdings.

TTG Weekly Update 4-12-2024

Jim and Morgan discuss inflation and a message to Jerome Powell.

TTG Weekly Update 4-5-2024

Morgan discusses comments from Fed members, and a brief review of the first quarter.

TTG Weekly Update 3-22-2024

Jim discusses market conditions, and reviews charts from previous market downturns.

TTG Weekly Update 3-15-2024

Jim discusses Volatility vs. Reality.

TTG Weekly Update 3-8-2024

Jim and Morgan discuss economic conditions and the S&P 500 vs. the Equal-Weighted Index.

TTG Weekly Update 3-1-2024

Jim discusses market breadth and inflation.

TTG Weekly Update 2-23-2024

Jim discusses economic reports and warns of a new scamming tactic.

TTG Weekly Update 2-16-2024

Morgan discusses market hurdles and the CPI report.

TTG Weekly Update 2-9-2024

The Jims discuss earnings and the national debt crisis.

TTG Weekly Update 2-2-2024

Jim K discusses recent economic readings and this week’s Federal Reserve meeting.

TTG Weekly Update 1-26-2024

Morgan discusses the GDP report, inflation report, and the market’s reaction.

TTG Weekly Update 1-19-2024

Jim E discusses inflation and interest rate expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 1-12-2024

Jim K discusses the inflation report, reviews economic conditions, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 1-5-2024

Morgan reviews 2023 and looks ahead to 2024.

TTG Weekly Update 12-29-2023

Jim wraps up 2023, and provides some insight as to what to expect in 2024.

TTG Weekly Update 12-22-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the Santa Claus rally, some holiday discounts, and gifts that are expected to arrive after Christmas.

TTG Weekly Update 12-15-2023

Jim K reviews three key hurdles facing the market in 2023, and our progress and strategies as each hurdle is put behind us.

TTG Weekly Update 12-8-2023

Morgan discusses the recent low-volatility trading days, and the recent jobs report numbers.

TTG Weekly Update 12-1-2023

Jim discusses market support and resistance, earnings, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 11-17-2023

Jim gives an inflation update and discusses a fixed income strategy.

TTG Weekly Update 11-10-2023

Morgan reviews not only a recent chart of the S&P 500, but also the period surrounding the tech bubble.

TTG Weekly Update 11-3-2023

Jim K discusses the Fed meeting and stocks versus bonds.

TTG Weekly Update 10-27-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss recent events, the inverted yield curve, and earnings season.

TTG Weekly Update 10-20-2023

Jim reiterates the importance of protecting your personal information, and discusses a strategy we are using in your portfolio, to maintain elevated income levels.

TTG Weekly Update 10-13-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the positive and negative conditions facing today’s market, and some equity positions that we are interested in adding.

TTG Weekly Update 10-06-2023

Morgan reviews the third quarter, and discusses a strategy that will be used moving forward.

TTG Weekly Update 9-29-2023

Jim K analyzes the S&P 500 chart, and discusses market outlook.

TTG Weekly Update 9-22-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed’s expectations for interest rates in the coming years, and market returns following peak rates.

TTG Weekly Update 9-15-2023

Morgan discusses the facts, market opinions, and TTG’s opinions.

TTG Weekly Update 9-8-2023

Jim E discusses Artificial Intelligence and a recent sale in many of your portfolios.

TTG Weekly Update 9-1-2023

Jim K reviews recent economic data, some of which could be Recession warning signs.

TTG Weekly Update 8-25-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss an options strategy and why call protection will become important moving forward.

TTG Weekly Update 8-18-2023

Jim and Morgan take a look at a S&P 500 chart and remind you to stay diligent in protecting your personal information.

TTG Weekly Update 8-11-2023

Jim E discusses inflation, earnings and some interesting history regarding the Fed.

TTG Weekly Update 8-4-2023

Jim discusses Fitch’s downgrade of US Debt, and the most anticipated recession in US History.

TTG Weekly Update 7-28-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss earnings season, the growing federal interest expense, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 7-21-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the S&P rally, equal-weighted S&P, and some hurdles that we’d like to see put behind us, before being convinced that this rally will be sustained.

TTG Weekly Update 7-14-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the low-volume market rally and recent inflation data.

TTG Weekly Update 7-7-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the bifurcation of opinion, and how any economic news can be portrayed to be “bad news” if desired.

TTG Weekly Update 6-30-2023

Morgan discusses the second quarter and recent economic data.

TTG Weekly Update 6-23-2023

Jim discusses the Equal-Weighted S&P 500 Index and the NAHB Housing Index.

TTG Weekly Update 6-16-2023

Jim K discusses the Fed meeting and offers a reminder to guard your personal information, through an example of an Artificial Intelligence scam.

TTG Weekly Update 6-9-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss the bull market and recent earnings history.

TTG Weekly Update 6-2-2023

Jim K and Morgan discuss the upcoming Fed meeting, recession expectations, and Chicago PMI.

TTG Weekly Update 5-26-2023

Jim discusses the Debt Ceiling, small businesses, and how your portfolio has benefited from higher rates.

TTG Weekly Update 5-19-2023

Jim K discusses the Debt Ceiling Crisis and a sophisticated scam that you should be aware of.

TTG Weekly Update 5-12-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the inflation report and first quarter earnings.

TTG Weekly Update 5-5-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the Jobs Report and the recent Federal Reserve meeting.

TTG Weekly Update 4-28-2023

Jim discusses first quarter earnings, the current market trend, and the US Dollar as a reserve currency.

TTG Weekly Update 4-21-2023

Jim discusses the volatile, low volume market and the shifting recession expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 4-14-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss inflation data and how your risk profile helps us position your portfolios in times like this.

TTG Weekly Update 4-6-2023

Morgan reviews the first quarter of 2023, and discusses the recent employment data.

TTG Weekly Update 3-31-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the SVB testimonies before Congress, and give an update on the technical side of the market.

TTG Weekly Update 3-24-2023

Jim and Jim discuss what The Fed had to say this week, and the extra protection that Charles Schwab is providing for their account holders.

TTG Weekly Update 3-17-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the market disruptions that occurred this week, and how the expectations for Fed action have shifted.

TTG Weekly Update 3-10-2023

Jim K reviews the Inverted Yield Curve and discusses what will be needed for the support at 3800 to stay in tact.

TTG Weekly Update 3-3-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss earnings and risk premium vs. treasury yields.

TTG Weekly Update 2-24-2023

Morgan discusses the next Fed meeting and takes a look at the inverted yield curve.

TTG Weekly Update 2-17-2023

Jim E discusses disinflation and the recent CPI report that is causing market concern this week.

TTG Weekly Update 2-10-2023

Jim K discusses the market’s trend line and how Fed actions may either change or confirm its path.

TTG Weekly Update 2-3-2023

The Jims discuss the divergence between Fed statements and Market expectations, and the debt ceiling.

TTG Weekly Update 1-27-2023

Jim E and Morgan discuss technical indicators and corporate and muni debt issuance.

TTG Weekly Update 1-20-2023

Jim discusses earnings reports, the bounce we’ve seen in fixed income, and a recent addition to most portfolios.

TTG Weekly Update 1-13-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss market assumptions and several market reports.

TTG Weekly Update 1-6-2023

Morgan discusses Q4 2022 and looks ahead to 2023.

TTG Weekly Update 12-30-2022

Jim K sums up a tough year in the market and looks ahead at 2023.

TTG Weekly Update 12-23-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss market support/resistance, bond returns, and recent transactions in many of your accounts.

TTG Weekly Update 12-16-2022

Jim K discusses the recent Fed action and market news, and the reaction from the market.

TTG Weekly Update 12-9-2022

Jim E discusses market returns following earnings troughs and today’s inflation reading.

TTG Weekly Update 12-2-2022

Jim and Jim discuss corporate earnings and the key factors that have driven the market in the past week.

TTG Weekly Update 11-25-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a support/resistance line to watch and the possibility of a ‘Santa Claus Rally’.

TTG Weekly Update 11-18-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a Crypto Exchange filing for bankruptcy and the recent Fedspeak heard by the market.

TTG Weekly Update 11-11-2022

Jim E discusses the most recent inflation reading and the importance of earnings in the long-term return of the market.

TTG Weekly Update 11-4-2022

Jim K discusses recent Fed action and comments, market sentiment, and preparing for a market bottom in the coming months.

TTG Weekly Update 10-28-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the market ‘tug-of-war’ and a recent purchase.

TTG Weekly Update 10-21-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss third quarter earnings and the factors that drive the market under normal conditions.

TTG Weekly Update 10-14-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the volatile market, recent bond additions, and expectations for the upcoming Fed meeting.

TTG Weekly Update 10-7-2022

Morgan discusses the third quarter and the strategies being used in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 9-30-2022

Jim and Jim discuss discuss credit spreads and how the price of a bond is affected by changing interest rates.

TTG Weekly Update 9-23-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss what is known and unknown in this bear market. They also highlight 3 purchases that were made this week.

TTG Weekly Update 9-16-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss the CPI report and reasons to be optimistic as a long-term investor.

TTG Weekly Update 9-9-2022

Jim K discusses the positive week in the market and the remarks of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

TTG Weekly Update 9-2-2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss how bonds have performed in the past week, and highlight a couple of bonds purchased this week.

TTG Weekly Update 8-26-2022

In this week’s update, Jim discusses the market movement and rate expectations

TTG Weekly Update 8-19-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the 200-Day Moving Average, and where much of the market volume is coming from.

TTG Weekly Update 8-12-2022

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed, oil prices, support/resistance lines, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 8-5-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the yield curve, jobs report, and a recent purchase.

TTG Weekly Update 7-29-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss the Fed meeting, GDP report, and TTG’s strategy in the coming weeks.

TTG Weekly Update 7-22-2022

Jim E discusses market conditions and a portfolio transaction.

TTG Weekly Update 7-15-2022

The Jim’s discuss current market conditions and increasing portfolio income.

TTG Weekly Update 7-8-2022

Jim K and Morgan discuss the Jobs Report, the 10-year US Treasury Rate, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 7-1-2022

Morgan discusses the events of the past quarter including interest rate increases, bear market rallies, and falling consumer confidence.

TTG Weekly Update 6-24-2022

Jim and Jim discuss market support and resistance levels, and the 10-year Treasury Yield.

TTG Weekly Update 6-17-2022

Jim K and Morgan talk about the negatives and positives of the market, and the important role of bonds in your portfolio.

TTG Weekly Update 6-10-2022

Jim E discusses inflation and the current market trend.

TTG Weekly Update 6-3-2022

Jim K discusses market sentiment and some market leaders’ expectations.

TTG Weekly Update 5-27-2022

Jim and Morgan discuss a recent add to many of your portfolios, and the risk of gambling in the market.

TTG Weekly Update 5-20-2022

Morgan discusses retail earnings results and TTG’s position as investors, not traders.

TTG Weekly Update 5-13-2022

Jim discusses some of the characteristics of a bear market and TTG’s keys for success.

TTG Weekly Update 5-6-2022

Jim & Jim discuss the markets reaction to another interest rate increase.

TTG Weekly Update 4-29-2022

TTG Weekly Update April 22, 2022

Jim E and Morgan discuss the volatility and the buying opportunities it creates.

Jim K and Morgan discuss this week in the marketplace.

TTG Weekly Update April 14, 2022

TTG Weekly Update April 8, 2022

The Jim’s discuss the market place and some recent additions to client portfolios.

Jim K discusses how Fed comments and world news are affecting the market, particularly bond prices.

TTG Weekly Update April 1, 2022: Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia

TTG Weekly Update March 25, 2022

JE discusses Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia and the marketplace.

Morgan discusses things to like — and not like about the current market.

TTG Weekly Update: The Fed and Inflation

TTG Weekly Update:Oil and the Fed

Jim K discusses the Federal Reserve and Inflation.

The Jim’s discuss Oil, the Fed and this week in the market.


Ukraine II

The Jim’s discuss the situation in the Ukraine and it’s affect on the market

The Jim’s Discuss the Ukraine War and the Federal Reserve and their affects on the market.