TTG offers a variety of services and we stand ready and qualified to assist you in a number of areas. We would love to help you in any way we can. Here are a few highlights of our services: 

  • Financial Planning: A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) will analyze your current financial situation, including your cash flow, goals, debt, and more. Our financial planning services will help you develop a unique plan that will enhance and maintain the financial security of both you and your family, both in life and after death. We will guide you throughout the process and always act with honesty and integrity.
  • Estate Planning: This service helps to designate and implement the transfer of property when you are no longer here. We can provide information about essential documents such as a living will, beneficiary designations, and power of attorney. We offer a professionally-designed estate plan, and a team of advisors to see that it is executed correctly. You’re never too young to start preparing!
  • Portfolio Management Services: We utilize asset allocation models and sophisticated technical tools to construct a target allocation based on your unique needs and risk tolerance. Each and every client will have a portfolio tailored to their specific needs. We feel that diversification is at the center of success for a portfolio. We consider tax implications and analyze the effects of gains in your account. A well-managed portfolio will provide investors with the diversification needed to help achieve their investment goals, and is part of a good overall financial plan. 
  • 401k Analysis & Administration: A 401k plan can be a great asset for a business, but in many cases, it can easily turn into a liability. Our services are here to keep it as the former. We can conduct a 401k Plan Stress Test that will identify any problems or shortcomings in your pension plan and make recommendations on how to correct them. We can analyze your plan and help you decide if it is working well for you. We can even prepare and/or review your IRS Form 5500, and develop an Investment Policy Statement required if you should ever go through a Department of Labor audit. 
  • Startup 401k: We work with businesses to formulate the 401k plan that best suits the owners and their employees. It is important to understand what they are, how they work and how to go about starting one. Always keeping prices affordable, we provide advice and guidance on plan implementation, structure, and flexibility. We are fiduciaries, so we always put your interests ahead of our own.
  • Charitable Giving and Investing: In order to give to organizations that you care about, you can start a charity. Charities and associations benefit from the services we provide. We use protective strategies to preserve your assets, constantly adjusting the strategies according to the current state of the Stock Market and the Economy.
  • Special Needs Planning: When you have a loved one with special needs, there are some additional ideas to consider. Retirement planning, investment strategies, estate planning, and many more concepts require special consideration when including a special needs individual in your plan. We will make you aware of all of the benefits and programs that are available to you, and help you receive these benefits. The plan will account for not only current needs, but also future needs concerning your special needs loved one. 
  • Divorce Financial Analysis: Divorce can be painful and difficult for just about anyone, and although you may be sad, you do not need to feel confused or helpless with regards to financial matters. This is particularly troublesome when dealing with a more financially sophisticated spouse. Our Registered Divorce Financial Advisors can work, along with your attorney, to help put you on an equal financial footing with your spouse, and explain sophisticated financial matters in plain English.