Our Mission

To provide above market returns, on a risk adjusted basis, while reducing the total risk across a broad range of portfolio allocations. TTG Financial uses a combination of tools in an effort to increase return and reduce the risk on any targeted allocation. Our focus is on achieving portfolio performance above that of our clients’ comparable portfolio benchmarks. This methodology is called Enhanced Portfolio Analysis and is made up of six primary components:

Modern Portfolio Analysis to determine optimum allocations for any level of risk.

Dow Cyclical Analysis to assist in identifying primary market trends and the required portfolio adjustments they dictate.

Technical Analysis to assist in identifying secondary market trends and the adjustments they require.

Fundamental Analysis to assure “best of breed” representation across all asset classes and market categories.

Defensive Option Strategies and Trailing Stops to further protect portfolios from large downside moves.

Offensive Option Strategies to generate additional portfolio income and enhanced return on invested capital.