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TTG Financial is a boutique Investment Advisory Firm (RIA), registered under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 . We specialize in very personalized investment advice for a small group of select clients.

TTG Financial is a boutique Investment Advisory firm

We are highly focus on the financial markets as they pertain to your personal goals and objectives. This, coupled with disciplined, well-tested investment strategies managed by a stable, long-tenured investment team, working in close collaboration together, allows us to provide clients with excellent advice and compelling results over time.

Boutique investment firms are attractive because their advisers tend to have great passion for markets and investing. Typically, boutiques firms are owned by their principals, who more often than not, are responsible for asset management. Consequently, these managers have a vested interest in the success of the firms’ offerings.  Additionally, they have conviction in the investment processes that they have developed and a fervent commitment to disciplined execution of those processes.

While selecting a boutique asset management firm doesn’t guarantee better performance, the close interpersonal relationship with clients, combined with the highly targeted investment plan can provide a very rewarding experience for the more discerning and selective client.

TTG Financial is a Fee Only Financial Advisor

Fee-only financial advisors are held to a higher standard than other advisors. We are held to the Fiduciary Standard, which means that we must make recommendations that are in our client’s best interest, and must always put the client’s interest above their own.

Financial advisors selling products are not and are on commission are held to a lesser standard — the Suitability Standard. They aren’t allowed to sell you a product that’s wrong for you, but there’s no obligation to sell you the best product. If one product puts more in their pocket, but costs you more, it still meets the suitability standard.

  1. Life Insurance often pays a 50% plus sales commission on your first premium
  2. Annuities could pay the salesman up to 10% of your invested amount.  Ever wonder why there is a long surrender charge for most annuities.   This is the reason.
  3. Mutual funds may charge up to 5% of your original investment.

There are many competent, trustworthy advisors doing honest work that operate on a commission or product sales model, but it may be difficult to find these professionals on your own.

These are some of our Primary services provided by TTG Financial:

  1. We can help you plan for retirement

Retirement planning hasn’t changed all that much over the years. You work, you save and then you retire. But while the mechanics may still be the same, today’s workers are facing some challenges that previous generations did not have to worry about.

First of all, we are living longer. This means you will need your money to last longer – potentially into your 90s. Bond yields are also much lower than just 10-15 years ago. You can no longer buy a few high-income bonds to make your plan work. Maybe this will work again some time in the future…..but not now.

The retirement plan is made more complicated by the fact that most companies are moving away from defined benefit pensions —which guaranteed you a certain amount of money in your golden years — to defined contribution plans, which are more subject to volatility with no guarantees.

So, how can you have the retirement you’ve always wanted? Retirees want to experience many of the things they could not do when they were working. Travel, vacations, spending more time with friends and family — the possibilities are almost endless. Your retirement plan, along with your TTG adviser, can help identify what is realistic and what is not.  It’s a healthy dose of reality.

2. We can Assist in your Estate Planning Process 

Nearly everyone has an Estate. To name just a few examples, your estate may include your car, home, bank accounts, life insurance, and investments—and no matter how large or how modest—it is all part of your estate. But estate planning goes beyond your possessions: it is the steps people take during their lives to anticipate, plan and prepare for incapacity, illness, and the passing on of assets. Stated simply, Estate planning is taking care of your loved ones by taking care of and updating your Estate Plan.

3. TTG Financial can Set up, Plan and Administer 401k plans

Increasingly, employees perceive 401k plans as a valuable benefit, which is the reason 401k’s are the most popular of retirement plans today. Employees can benefit from a 401k plan even if the employer makes no contribution. It is however, more normal for the employer to match some portion of the amount deferred by the employee to encourage greater employee participation, i.e., a 50% match on the first 3 percent deferred by the employee. Since a 401(k) plan is a type of profit-sharing plan, profit sharing contributions may be made in addition to or instead of matching contributions.

Employee and employer matching contributions are subject to special nondiscrimination tests which limit how much the group of employees referred to as “highly compensated employees” can defer based on the amounts deferred by the “non-highly compensated employees.”  We will handle all the testing required and give you options that will maximize the amount of contributions permitted for the “Highly Compensated” under the rules of the Department of Labor.

So, who are the Highly compensated?  In general, employees who fall into the following two categories are considered to be highly compensated employees by the Department of Labor:

  • An employee who owns more than five percent of the employer at any time during the current plan year or preceding plan year (stock attribution rules apply which treat an individual as owning stock owned by his spouse, children, grandchildren or parents).
  • An employee who received compensation in excess of the indexed limit in the preceding plan year. The employer may elect that this group is limited to the top 20 percent of employees based on compensation.

4. We do business and succession planning

Succession planning promotes business continuity and performance, particularly during times of leadership change. Even when a successor is not yet identified within an organization, succession planning can specify the knowledge, skills and training needed by the person to fill the vacancy.

5. We are qualified in special needs family planning

Special needs financial planning addresses the same financial planning considerations of all typical families. However, when you have a special needs child, there is another layer of planning that is required. You will need to integrate the needs of your special needs loved one into your plan from start to finish.

For example, when you’re planning for retirement, you want to evaluate the probability of running out of money after considering assets, income, inflation, rates of return, and a number of other variables. When you have a special needs child, your financial planner will take the same approach but with the added goal of ensuring the security of your special needs loved one for all of their lifetime, and particularly when you are gone.

Additionally, your special needs planner will make sure you are aware of all the public benefits and programs that are available for your special needs child, how to qualify for them and not lose them after qualifying. This is where a lot of people make mistakes. An experienced financial advisor will guide you through the entire process and structure a plan that maximizes benefits and ensures long term security for your loved one.

6. TTG Financial can help set up and manage charitable contributions & endowments.

We can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals and make an impact on the causes that matter to you most.  We can help in every aspect of your charitable plans, whether this is to support a specific cause or to help an organization that is close to your heart. From a financial standpoint, charitable giving can be an important part of your estate, tax, and financial planning.

We are committed at TTG Financial to helping you in every aspect of your financial lives, whether this be personal or business. Our company motto, Joy & Triumph through Knowledge, is based on our firm belief that through intensive analysis and quantitative review, will can achieve our client’s goals while mitigating their risks.

We provide Investment advice for an asset-based fee (refer to chart below). Our asset management services are limited to clients with a minimum of $500,000 of assets to invest.  We maintain this exclusivity not because of the unimportance of clients with less, they can avail themselves of our services on an hourly basis if they wish, but only because of the very close personal attention we provide to each and every client and the customization of trading programs and allocations. A large client base would make the implementation of such a model almost impossible.

AssetsFee as a % of Assets
First $0 – $250,0001.10%
Next $250,001- $500,0000.80%
Next $500,001- $1,000,0000.60%
Next $1,000,001- $2,500,0000.35%
Next $2,501,000- $5,000,0000.25%
> $5,000,0000.15%
*Our fees shall be prorated, post billed and deducted quarterly according to the chart above.

We are in communication with all of our clients on a very regular basis, encourage office visits at least once per quarter, and have an open-door policy at all times.

Our Story