Our Story

TTG Financial is a boutique Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) , registered under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 . We specialize in very personalized investment advice for a small group of select clients. Our company motto is based on our firm belief that through intensive analysis and quantitative review, will achieve our client’s goals while mitigating their risks.

We provide Investment advice for an asset based fee (refer to chart below). Our asset management services are limited to clients with a minimum of $500,000 of assets to invest.  We maintain this exclusivity not because of the unimportance of clients with less, they can avail themselves of our services on an hourly basis if they wish, but only because of the very close personal attention we provide to each and every client and the customization of trading programs and allocations. A large client base would make the implementation of such a model almost impossible.

We are in communication with all of our clients on a very regular basis, encourage office visits at least once per quarter, and have an open door policy at all times. In the investment world we are a somewhat unique and unusual anomaly.

AssetsFee as a % of Assets
First $0 – $250,0001.10%
Next $250,001- $500,0000.80%
Next $500,001- $1,000,0000.60%
Next $1,000,001- $2,500,0000.35%
Next $2,501,000- $5,000,0000.25%
> $5,000,0000.15%
*Our fees shall be prorated, post billed and deducted quarterly according to the chart above.