TTG Weekly Update 6-7-2024

Jim E discusses bond holdings and Convexity.

TTG Update 8-11-2023

Jim E discusses inflation, earnings and some interesting history regarding the Fed.

TTG Weekly Update 2-10-2023

Jim K discusses the market’s trend line and how Fed actions may either change or confirm its path.

TTG Weekly Update 12-30-2022

Jim K looks back at 2022 and looks ahead at 2023.

TTG Weekly Update 7-15-2022

The Jim’s discuss current market conditions and increasing portfolio income.

TTG Weekly Update 6-10-2022

Jim E discusses inflation and the current trend in the market.

TTG Weekly Update 4/14/2022

The Jim’s discuss the market place and some recent additions to client portfolios.

TTG Weekly Update 4-8-2022

Jim K discusses how Fed comments and world news are affecting the market, particularly bond prices.

TTG Weekly Update 4/1/2022: Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia

JE discusses Interest Rates and Covid in SE Asia and the marketplace.

TTG Weekly Update 3-25

Morgan discusses the things to like — and dislike about the current markets.