TTG Weekly Update 12-1-2023

Jim discusses market support and resistance, earnings, and more.

TTG Weekly Update 11-17-2023

Jim gives an inflation update and discusses a fixed income strategy.

TTG Weekly Update 11-10-2023

Morgan reviews not only a recent chart of the S&P 500, but also the period surrounding the tech bubble.

TTG Weekly Update 11-3-2023

Jim K discusses the Fed meeting and stocks versus bonds.

TTG Weekly Update 10-27-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss recent events, the inverted yield curve, and earnings season.

TTG Weekly Update 10-20-2023

Jim reiterates the importance of protecting your personal information, and discusses a strategy we are using in your portfolio, to maintain elevated income levels.

TTG Weekly Update 10-13-2023

Jim and Morgan discuss the positive and negative conditions facing today’s market, and some equity positions that we are interested in adding.

TTG Weekly Update 10-06-2023

Morgan reviews the third quarter, and discusses a strategy that will be used moving forward.

TTG Weekly Update 9-29-2023

Jim K analyzes the S&P 500 chart, and discusses market outlook.

TTG Weekly Update 9-22-2023

Jim and Jim discuss the Fed’s expectations for interest rates in the coming years, and market returns following peak rates.